Underpining the Perth Global City are three pillars; Economic Sustainability, Sociocultural Sustainability and Enviornmental Sustainability. 


Through research, consulting and strategy implementation, VUCAP helps NFPs, government and comercial enterprises acheive their strategic objectives.  

Supporting a long lasting Perth Global City.

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VUCAP supports organisations to develop and implement strategic approaches to long term growth. The purpose is to support Perth to become a Global Sustainable City.


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By aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, cities not only grow, but they grow for longer. VUCAP encourages economic growth supported by sociocultural engagement that regenerates the natural environment. Great cities are environmentally sustainable, socially healthy and economically viable.

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Culture, political stability, security, access to replenishable natural reources, world class facilities, multicultural population. We are Perth. We are globally ready.  

Perth : A World Class City


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