Business Continuity

The prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) model is a comprehensive approach to risk management. This model to your emergency management and business continuity strategy will save your organisation time and money when responding to an incident.

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Business Continuity
Develop your organisation's resilience and ensure continuity. Start with a business continuity review and gap analysis so as you know what you need to do next. 
  • Review your Approach

    By reviewing your current Business Continuity approach, you can quickly establish a baseline understanding and gap assessment giving you confidence. 

    - Identify opportunities for systems improvement

    - Identify weakness in your emergency response & triggers

    - Review your impact analysis

    - Review your incident response

    - Review your recovery plans

    - Develop your rehearsal schedule

    - Develop your actions to move towards best practice

  • Develop Actionable Plans

    The Business Continuity Audit recommendations in many cases make up the core of continuous improvement. 

    We'll provide you with clear recommendations that can be extended to fit your improvement plan.

  • Training

    When an incident does occur your team needs to be drilled and rehearsed able to manage the response. 

    Contact VUCAP to discuss how we can help with Business Continuity and Emergency Response training. 

  • Business Continuity Management

BCMS Training
Develop your organisation's business continuity management capabilities
Find out more about our BCMS training and how this can assist develop organisational resilience. 

Request for BCMS Audit Proposal

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