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If your organisation is, experiencing declining margins or sales, insolvency or increased insolvency risk, low retention of key personnel or innability to produce timley management reports, you may be experiencing lead indicators of a need to restructure. 

VUCAP addresses business model structure weaknesses to increase profitability as well as value prior to merger or acquisition.

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Increase your organisation's value prior to merger or acquisition or increase profitability by strategic restructure

VUCAP's business restructuring service helps organisations identify structural risk, root causes and implement corrective actions to improve the organisation's defined outcomes. 

The VUCAP analysis approach is extremely fast. This allows us to gather the data needed to assess the problem and then quickly implement the solution. This speed from assessment to implementation is critical in a business restructure, especially in cases of insolvency. 

Our approach addresses 10 key aspects of the business model value chain. 

Integrate all parts of the business model for optimum business performance.

10 Key areas of the business model value chain

 Organisation Infratructure

 Human Resource Management 

 Technology & Information


 Inbound Logistics


 Outbound Logistics

 Marketing & Sales

 Service Quality


 Key areas of the business model value chain

 Key areas of the business model value chain


Contact us to assess your organisation's restructure needs and to implement the strategy.

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