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To ensure the Corruption and Crime Commission ("the Commission") and its employees comply with their obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (WA) 1984 ("the OSH Act"), the Occupational Safety and Health Planning and Advisory Group (OSHPAG) has been established as a forum to:


1. facilitate consultation and cooperation between the Commission and its employees in relation to OSH-related matters;


2. consider any matter referred to it by an OSH Representative;


3. provide for the resolution of OSH issues when necessary;


4. inform and provide feedback to both the Commission and Commission Officers of their respective general duty of care obligations and advise of any identified duty of care issues;


5. consider and make recommendations in respect of any change to the workplace or nature of the work which may affect the safety and health of Commission employees;


6. review safety performance including hazard alerts and accident/incident investigation reports and make recommendations for improvement and/or remedial action;


7. develop, implement and communicate the safety management system to promote safety, health and wellbeing for all Commission employees;


8. prioritise, develop, implement and review policies and procedures relating to OSH;


9. assist in planning, coordinating, monitoring and reporting on the progress of the Commission's OSH Plan;


10. support management to coordinate OSH workplace inspections and risk assessments; and


11. Facilitate continuous improvement relating to Commission OSH functions.

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OSHPAG Terms of Reference 

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