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OSH Training

The Commission consults with Workers via OSHPAG and conducts an annual training needs analysis, to identify OHS training needs. Workers' OHS performance is reviewed annually during the Individual Work Development Plan (IWDP). 


In developing training, the characteristics and composition of the workforce which impact on OHS and responsibilities and hazards are considered.


All personnel, including contractors and visitors, are required to undergo the safety induction which includes training on their safety obligations and responsibilities.


Specific training courses are carried out by persons with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience in OHS


Below is an overview of Commission OSH related training relevent to various work groups.



OSH Reps

Managers - Hazard reporting*

Managers - Incident reporting*

Managers - Incident investigation*

Managers - Risk assessment*

Managers - Workplace bullying and harassment and aggression*  

Managers - WinOSH training 

Hazard reporting*

Incident reporting*

Incident investigation*

Risk assessment*

Workplace bullying and harassment and aggression*

WinOSH training 

OSH Reps training 




Contractor induction

Visitor induction

Occupational First Aid training

* - Training conducted annually as part of the induction training 

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