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Safe Work Methods

SWMS are required for to identify risk within work activities. The Commission has developed SWMS for works carried out on a regular basis. Commission Officers are to familiarise themselves with the content of each SWMS as part of their induction and training.  The content of the SWMS must be refined over time and include consultation with workers managers and others within the Commission. 

Below are the current SWMS used by the Commission.

SWMS 001 - Manual Handling

SWMS 005 - Working with Personal Protective Equipment

SWMS 003 - Working with Confined Spaces

SWMS 001 - Manual Handling

SWMS 009 - Driving a Light Vehicle

SWMS 007 - Safe Use of Hand tools

SWMS 004 - Working at Heights

SWMS 002 - Hot Work Activities

SWMS 006 - Safe Use of Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

SWMS 010 - Housekeeping

SWMS 008 - Safe Use of Power Tools

SWMS 011 - Working alone

SWMS 012 - Working at night

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