VUCAP is a not for profit, for purpose enterprise. 100% of earnings are invested into efforts to achieve the vision of a Better World.

VUCAP augments organisations and individuals by providing pro bono, governance, risk and strategy  consulting services aimed at reducing inequality and developing sustainability

With a growing network of social impact partners both in Australia and abroad, VUCAP continues to demonstrate impact. Goal 17: Partnership for the goals.


VUCAP supports a network of partners and organisations to extend empathetic compassion that results in real change. 
Between June 30th, 2016 to July 1st, 2017, VUCAP has contributed over $104,400 of Pro Bono and
in-kind consulting services to make the world a better place.


Working with West Australian educators VUCAP develops strategies to advance student outcomes.  

Gender Equality


Through a commitment to local organisations, VUCAP continues to support public shifts towards equality. 

Social Cohesion and Community Harmony


VUCAP is committed to supporting the growth of a multi-cultured Australia. 

Drugs, Alcohol, and Lifeskills


By supporting organisations committed to working with people struggling with addiction, VUCAP is able to further efforts, bringing relief to individuals and families.  

Safety and Wellbeing

Improving safety and wellbeing systems in organisations, VUCAP is able to support the journey towards reduced workplace injuries and fatalities. 

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