Internal Audit 

Internal audit outsourcing or co-sourcing gives organisations deep understanding of their value creating activities and how effective these activities are. Identify strategic improvements that lead to increasing value.

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Internal Audit (IA)
Outsourced or co-sourcing Internal Audit
 Achieving leading internal audit capabilities and value to the firm requires a significant investment. The value is found in the increased opportunities that come from the implementing the strategic  recommendations.
  • Why Conduct the Internal Audit

    VUCAP considers the internal audit a key component of governance, compliance, risk management and value and performance management. 

    Our audit recommendations seek to identify improvement opportunities based on your organisation's requirements.

    - Identify opportunities for systems improvement

    - Link internal systems to value creating activities

    - Identify internal strengths and weaknesses

    - Benchmark internal systems against best practice

    - Develop business cases for change

    - Validate previous change initiatives 

    - Prepare for external audit

    - Ensure internal compliance and assurance

  • Internal audit outsourcing

    By outsourcing the internal audit function your organisation benefits from drawing on key technical skills and the benefit of independent impartial perspectives. We advise companies on critical business risks, implementation of effective controls and compliance processes, identifying better practices, reducing the cost of operations and realising profit improvement opportunities.

  • Internal audit co-sourcing

    By working with your internal team VUCAP is able to source technical experts as and when needed. This ensures that your organisation's internal auditors are supported by a coordinated team or an individual technical expert. 

  • Risk Management

    ISO 3100:2018

    Risk management


  • Quality Management Systems

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Supply Chain Security Management 

  • Integrated Management Systems

    Reduce complexity and optimise business disciplines through by adopting an integrated approach to systems and systems audits.


    Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Information Security management systems can be integrated and streamlined, improving your management systems effectiveness. 

Internal Audit (IA) Training
Develop your organisation's internal audit capabilities
Find out more about out our internal auditor training and how this can assist your audit can compliance framework. 

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