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Market & Industry Intelligence

Understanding the external environment and how it impacts your strategic options needs to be driven my data.

With a range of analytical tools that power our analysis you can be confident that you have the best information, intelligence

and insights available to you. 

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Market & Industry Intelligence​
Make Faster & Better Business Decisions with
Insights & Analysis
Support your SWOT analysis with accurate data on macro and micro forces that effect your strategic options.
  • Industry Market Reports

    Understand the market with deep market intelligence on a range of market factors:

    Market Size
    Product & Market Segments
    SWOT Analysis
    Key Industry Trends
    Macroeconomic drivers influencing performance
    Supply / Value Chain Environment
    Geographic Spread of Business Locations
    Industry Cost Structure Benchmarks
    Market Share of Key Industry players over time
    Regulatory Environment & Technology Change
    Industry Ratios i.e. average number of employees per site
    Five year market forecasts

  • Business Environment 

    Business Environment Reports cover over 200 macroeconomics indicators tracking historical, current performance & outlook to understand how external variables impact industry performance. 

    Some of the key categories include:

    World Price of Commodities (i.e. World price of natural gas)
    Domestic Price of Commodities (i.e. Domestic Price of cement)
    Consumer Behaviour (i.e. Domestic tourist trips)
    Finance (i.e. 10 year bond rate)
    Demographics (i.e. Crime rates)
    Government ( i.e. Capital expenditure on computer software)
    Economy (i.e. Business confidence index)
    Labour ( i.e. Total number of part time employees)

  • Industry Risk Ratings

    Identify & measure the sensitivity, growth & structural risk elements of an industry environment from 1 (low risk) to 9 (high risk).

    Structural Risks

    (i e Barriers To Entry, Level of Exports Imports)

    Sensitivity Risks

    (i e World Price of Rubber, Trade Weighted Index)

    Growth Risks

    (i e Forecast industry revenue against past performance)

  • Industry Filter

    Pinpoint industries which exhibit particular trends or characteristics to inform your
    investment strategies


    Filter industries by the following:


    (i.e. fastest growing healthcare industries)

    Operating Conditions

    (i.e. capital intensive or labour intensive industries)

    Competitive Landscape

    (i.e. Industries by disrupted by technology change)

    Geographic Concentration

    (i.e. industries which are concentrated to Perth)

    Industry Cost Structure as % of revenue

    (i.e. most profitable utility industries)

    Industry Ratios

    (i.e. average employees per site location)

    Industry Player Market Share %

    (i.e. companies which have 5-10% market share)

    Macro Economic Drivers

    (i.e. industries impacted by lower AUD)

  • SME Industry Reports

    SME Industry Reports exclude major players to better reflect operating conditions of the SMS segment. This gives your organisation a very targeted view of the small to medium sized business landscape.


    Below are some of the key differences

    of the SME content:

    Market Size of SME segment


    SME product & market segment compared to broader industry

    Industry Entry & Exit Rates across Revenue bands as indicator of start up & defaults.

    SME Business Location Heatmap (% of business located within City of Logan)

    SME Cost Structure vs Broader Industry

    SWOT Analysis

  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis

    Understand the impact that the following COVID 19 variables will have on different industry sectors.

    - Social distancing

    - Work from Home

    - Essential vs. Non Essential Business

    - Key Economic Drivers

    - Labour Intensity

    - Supply Chains

    This business intelligence service allows you to simulate different scenarios that will assist decision making process

    Identifying potential opportunities in new markets

    Mitigate risk against industries that may take longer to recover

    Develop COVID19 relevant strategic plans

  • Company Intelligence

    Access data from our Enterprise BI database. We source this information from a a range of public and proprietary platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Australian Bureau of Statistics, University research and company webpages. We use analytical tools for analysing web traffic, and inferring management and consumer behaviour including digital marketing spend. 

    Our Company Intelligence assists you understand companies that are relevant to your organisation's interests. This may be for a not for profit looking to develop corporate-community partnerships or, for profit organisations looking to for new business.


    This service supports the following activities:

    Collect data on over 60,000 key executive personnel contacts
    Outline of business activities & brands
    Understand financial performance & geographic revenue mix
    Understand financial ratios benchmarked against industry peers
    Understand market share against industry peers
    Understand ownership structure and subsidiaries

    Identify their digital marketing strategies

    Analyse their online traffic flow compared to their competitors 

    Conduct key word analysis

    View their website backlink strategies

    Conduct a website audit to identify their strengths and weaknesses

  • Ready to find out more?

    Market & Industry Intelligence services by VUCAP Strategy & Risk are powered by a range of software and research tools and methodologies to ensure that you have the information you need.

    Contact us to find out how the Business Intelligence services can assist your organisation and strategic thinking. 

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