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Up to 70% of M&A projects fail to deliver the results that they expected to achieve.

VUCAP helps you implement your M&A project and reduce failure, or prepare your organisation to be acquired, increasing your organisation's value and placing you in a better bargaining position. 

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Increase your organisation's value prior to a merger or acquisition.

Ensure your organisation achieves it's M&A objectives by addressing PMI risk.

VUCAP research identifies 7 key risks to managing change in complex organisations which are present in Post M&A Implementation.


Leadership & Management Risk

Behavioural Risk

Cultural Risk

Information & Data Risk

Planning Risk

Network Risk

Communications Risk

VUCAP research also identifies 10 key controllable strategies to increase organisation value prior to merger or acquisition. 



Financial Reliability/ Sustainability  

Management Systems & Automation

Cultural Alignment 

Brand Equity


Digital Maturity 

Propriety Intellectual Property

Market Dependance 

Position in an Expanding Market


Increase the success of your M&A project by addressing M&A risks and preparing your organisation to increase value.​ 

M&A Strategy

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