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Nominee's Details 

Congratulations on your nomination!! 

This next step is your opportunity to say a little bit more about yourself beyond what the nominating person may have already told us. 

We'll use this information to help the judges. 


When answering the questions below, try and think of a specific situation where you have demonstrated your leadership in the relevant award category that you have been nominated for.   

Tips for completing the form.

The judges are looking for examples of leadership. They will be looking for examples of self discipline, examples of other people following or supporting you towards a future state and your leadership having a positive impact on stakeholders that fit the specific category of your award. 


For example, if you have been nominated for the Construction Industry Leadership Award, tell the judges how your actions affected people in the construction industry.  

When completing the form think in terms of:

What was the situation

What was the task

What actions did you and your colleagues take

What were the results

Finally, make sure you contact us to help you along. We can help you answer the questions and put your best foot forward. 

Nominations are now closed. Thank you for your interest!