A VUCAP Initiative

If you are ready to launch your career and you're looking for an opportunity to apply your skills on real-world professional services projects, with the confidence that you'll be guided and mentored along the way, then a Perth Business Women's Alliance (PBWA) Internship is for you. 

PBWA is offering exclusive opportunities to be part of the Emerging Women Leaders Awards. If you are currently studying in an Australian university or have been within the last 12 months, and would like to apply what you've learnt, to celebrating and recognising emerging women leaders here in Perth, then you should consider one of PBWA's internship pathways.

A VUCAP Initiative

It's not easy, and the right people will need to be, driven and have a desire and willingness to be coached. You'll need to be prepared to plan out your future goals and align your internship with those goals. This will give you the best chance at achieving those goals and succeeding as a PBWA Intern. 

To find out more about PBWA and the Emerging Women Leadership Awards click here or to find out more about the VUCAP Project click here and you will be taken to the Project Home Page. 

The program runs through to the awards night and then one month after as part of the debrief session. We taking applicants now to commence consultation, planing and implementation of key tasks.

PBWA understands that flexibility is critical. You'll be able to participate around your other commitments especially family and studies. Commitment can range between 1 and 4 days per week, this depends on you and what you need. 

What you will be doing during your internship?

The key focus of the internship is to develop the emerging leader's awards night. 

This will involve marketing, project management, stakeholder engagement and public relations management. 

How will this benefit you as an intern?

You will be required to meet weekly with your relevant PBWA project lead, in order to plan and execute activities in your given field.


You will apply a range of tools and methodologies to support you in your decision making, advice and actions. 


You will be coached and supported to achieve the objectives of your internship and be part of a highly publicised project, supporting women in leadership.  


This will benefit you in the following ways:


  • You will develop a deep and practicle understanding of the communications, marketing, public relations and project management concepts.  

  • You will develop robust analytical thinking by developing practical recommendations that you will get to see through to achievement.

  • You will be part of a landmark event in Western Australia, supporting emerging leaders, this will have a direct reflecting on your reputation and resume. 

  • You will create a clear professional personal brand for you and position you ahead of other graduates entering your industry.

  • You will be expected and trained to grow your own personal industry-specific network.

  • Your network will become a source of connections and resources to develop your career.

  • You will be mentored to define your short term career objectives and  take steps toward achieving them.


Student vacancies exist in the following disciplines (internship areas): 

Marketing Internship

You will be expected to be studying and have an interest in marketing.


You will be involved in developing the event marketing plan and in its execution. You will see how theory and practice align and how plans pivot as new information arises.


Suitable areas of study: Marketing or Communications related fields. 





Project Management Internship

You will be expected to be studying and have an interest in project management or general business management. 


You will be involved in the continuous review and improvement of the project plan. This will include all aspects of project management such as restraints from cost, time and scope and their impact on quality.  


Suitable areas of study: Project Management or Business related fields.




Public Relations Management Internship

You will be expected to be studying and have an interest in public relations management. 


You will be involved in the continuous review and improvement of the public relations management plan. This will feed into the project plan and include stakeholder analysis, media engagement and activation as well as managing public relations risk. 


Suitable areas of study: Public Relations







Key information:


Applications open: Now


Program dates: Ongoing through to December 2019


Eligibility to apply: Applicant must have completed at least 12 months study in a relevant field. Applicant must be currently studying or have been studying within the last 12 months at an Australian university. 


Commitment and flexibility: Choose between 1 to 4 days per week.


Working hours: Flexible between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Typically Tuesday between 10am and 3pm.


Work locations: Adelaide Tce, East Perth or Ventnor Av, West Perth


Note: This is an unpaid internship




You will get intensive hands-on experience working with diverse groups even if the projects have an internal focus (such as research). This will build your credibility and professional skills by applying theory to real-world situations. VUCAP will record and verify your experience so as future employers will know how much project work you were exposed to and what experience you gained. 

On commencement of your internship, you'll identify organisations that you want to develop networks with. You'll then be assisted to engage these groups (wherever possible). This will support you in developing your relationships that align with your career objectives.  

Whilst working on the project you will be included in workshops and personal development facilitated training. 

You'll spend most of your time working in the city out of The Purpose Studio. This is a great environment for socially impactful organisations like ours. You'll be in the heart of the city whilst working on a project that is designed to support the city as it grows.

It's easy to apply. Simply fill out the form below to commence the process. You'll be contacted via email to arrange the initial phone discussion. After this first discussion, we'll both have a better understanding of how suitable the internship is for you.  


If we're a good fit you'll be invited to the first interview. This will look at your interpersonal skills and how you feel about proceeding with the internship. It's also a good opportunity to work out what you want the internship to help you achieve and to begin working together to make sure that the internship can be aligned with your career goals.


The second interview is to make sure that you have the academic background to pursue the internship of your choice. Don't worry we'll look for every opportunity to make it work.


The third and final interview involves us working together to develop a S.M.A.R.T plan for your internship. We'll identify your short and mid-term career objectives, and then develop internship objectives that align with those career objectives. 


Contact us to find out more about other Internship Streams with the VUCAP Project.

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Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Advisory

Project Management 

Business Strategy Advisory 

Governance, Risk and Compliance Advisory 

Political Research

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Technology & Innovation Research

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Urban & Social Planning 



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