Family Engagement in Education: The strategic benefits of family engagement in education.

It’s easy to gloss over the strategic relevance of family engagement, but until we truly embed family engagement into our education system there are many students who’s full potential will simply not be realised.

Recently Verity Leach took the opportunity to invite Dr. Karen Mapp and Jenni Brasington to conduct a three day workshop supporting West Australian educators in building capacity in terms of family engagement.

Participants included a host of schools from throughout Western Australia and was sponsored by the Fogarty Foundation. The three day workshop was opened by the American Consulate General, Rachel Cooke who eloquently spoke of her experiences around the world including Afghanistan. Attendees also included Jennifer McGrath, Acting Director General and Lindsay Hale, Executive Director of State Wide Services, Department of Education and Anne and Caitlyn Fogarty of the Fogarty Foundation, as well as many others.

Engagement activities being designed to link to learning

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