This course is designed to give you clear decision making frameworks that will assist your strategic decision making in a West Australian context.  


The course will look at your own decision making profile using a number tools such as personality profiling with the Big Five Personality Test and the Vroom-Yetton Decision Model. The course then investigates different decision making frameworks such as cause and effect analysis, risk analysis, decision trees, stakeholder and engagement analysis and how they can be applied in your own organisation. 


Understanding frameworks to promote strategic decision making in your organisation leads to reduced exposure to risk and increased performance.


This 2 day course is applicable to anyone wanting to deveolp their own or their team's strategic decision making. 


  • All work is completed during class hours
  • Participants complete an internal audit assignment which is assessed during the course
  • Certificates are issued promptly on completion of the course
  • Trainers are professionals with current experience in the field



Strategic Decision Making

  • Anyone involved in or wishing to progress into strategic management. 

    Not for profit, commercial and public sector managers who are responsible for strategic decision making.


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