Training & Courses

Training & Courses
Develop your organisation's capabilities by investing in people.
With a range of short courses and training solutions we can tailor your training needs to ensure that your organisation continues to adapt to the opportunities of the future. From online learning to class room and experiential learning, VUCAP Strategy & Risk has the learning and development solution for you. 

View our range of short courses, many of which can be delivered on line or externally in person or at your own location for groups of 5 and more. 

Short Courses

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  • Health and Safety

    General Health and Safety 
    ƒ Advanced Health and Safety (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace 
    ƒ COVID-19 Awareness (AU, NZ) 
    ƒ COVID-19 Safe Workplace Plan (AU) 
    ƒ Driver Safety
    ƒ Electrical Safety (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Emergency Procedures
    ƒ Ergonomics 
    ƒ Fatigue Management
    ƒ Fire Safety
    ƒ First Aid Refresher
    ƒ Hazard Identification
    ƒ Health and Safety Committees
    ƒ Health and Safety Representatives (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Incident Investigation
    ƒ Infection Control in the Workplace 
    ƒ Injury Management (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Mental Health and Safety for Managers (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Manual Tasks (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Office Safety
    ƒ OHS Awareness (VIC)
    ƒ OHS for Managers (VIC)
    ƒ OSH Awareness (WA)
    ƒ OSH for Managers (WA)
    ƒ Sharps Safety (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Stress Management 
    ƒ Stress Management for Managers 
    ƒ Warden Instruction
    ƒ WHS Awareness (AU) 
    ƒ OHS Risk Management (AU)
    ƒ Work / Life Balance (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Working Alone Safely
    ƒ Workplace Inspections (AU, NZ)

  • Health and Safety

    Mining and Resources Industry

    ƒ Managing Safety and Health for Appointed Persons (WA)
    ƒ Mining Health and Safety Awareness (AU)

    ƒ Retail and Food Industries
    ƒ Armed Robbery Survival Skills
    ƒ Food Handling and Hygiene Procedures
    ƒ Food Safety Standards
    ƒ OSH for the Retail Industry (AU)

    Chemical and Laboratory Safety
    ƒ Hazardous Chemicals (AU)
    ƒ Hazardous Substances (NZ)
    ƒ Labels and Safety Data Sheets (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Laboratory Safety - Biological Hazards
    ƒ Laboratory Safety - Chemical Hazards (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Laser Safety
    ƒ Radiation Safety (AU)
    ƒ Solvents
    ƒ Spill Prevention and Control

    High Risk / Construction Industry
    ƒ Asbestos Awareness (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Confined Space Entry
    ƒ Construction Safety Orientation (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Forklift Safety
    ƒ Hand Hazard Awareness
    ƒ Hearing Conservation
    ƒ Hot Work
    ƒ Lock Out / Tag Out
    ƒ Manual Tasks for Construction Workers (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Personal Protective Equipment
    ƒ Plant Safety
    ƒ Safe Work Planning (SWMSs and JSAs)
    ƒ Working at Heights (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Working Near Services (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Working Outdoors (AU, NZ) 

     Chain of Responsibility 
    ƒ Chain of Responsibility Code of Practice (AU)
    ƒ Dimensions and Indivisible Loads (AU)
    ƒ Fatigue Management Duties of Off-Road Parties (AU)
    ƒ Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue (AU)
    ƒ Heavy Vehicle Driver Safety (AU)
    ƒ Introduction to Chain of Responsibility (AU)
    ƒ Load Restraint (AU)
    ƒ Transporting Dangerous Goods (AU)
    ƒ Weight of Loads (AU)

  • Leadership and Management

    Leadership and Management

    ƒ Building and Managing Teams
    ƒ Change Management
    ƒ Change Management for New Systems
    ƒ Contractor Management
    ƒEmotional Intelligence in Leadership 
    ƒEngaging and Motivating Employees 
    ƒ Leading Virtual Teams
    ƒ Making Decisions
    ƒ Managing Difficult Situations
    ƒ Managing the Discipline Process
    ƒ Managing Workplace Conflict
    ƒ Running Effective Meetings
    ƒRunning Effective Virtual Meetings 

    ƒ Business Continuity Management
    ƒ Introduction to Workplace Data
    ƒ Risk Management
    ƒ Workforce Planning 

    ƒ Planning and Running Events
    ƒ Project Management
    ƒ Writing Effective Business Cases


    ƒ Contractor Induction (High Risk) (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Contractor Induction (Low Risk) (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Directors’ Induction
    ƒ Employee Induction
    ƒ Health Services Induction
    ƒ Laboratory Induction
    ƒ Manager Induction
    ƒ Site Induction

  • Finance

    ƒ Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AU)
    ƒ Cash Handling
    ƒ Conduct and Disclosure Obligations for Financial Advisers (AU)
    ƒ Credit Assessment Fundamentals (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Credit Risk Management
    ƒ The Debt Collection Guideline: For Collectors and Creditors (AU)
    ƒ Finance for Non-financial Professionals
    ƒ Financial Product Advice and Dealing Guide (AU)
    ƒ General Insurance Code of Practice (AU)
    ƒ Insurance Brokers Code of Practice (AU)
    ƒ Insider Trading Awareness (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Knowledge Requirements for Financial Product Advisers (AU)
    ƒ Managing Budgets
    ƒ National Consumer Credit Protection Act Awareness (AU)
    ƒ National Credit Code Awareness (AU)
    ƒ Professional Standards for Financial Advisers
    ƒ Securing Payment Card Data
    ƒ Supporting Vulnerable Customers in the Finance Industry (AU)

  • Talent Management

    ƒ Coaching
    ƒ Interviewing Skills and Techniques
    ƒ Managing Probation
    ƒ Mentoring Others
    ƒ Offboarding
    ƒ Onboarding
    ƒ Performance Management for Employees
    ƒ Performance Management for Managers
    ƒ Recruitment and Selection
    ƒ Remuneration and Rewards (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Strategic Talent Management
    ƒ Writing Position Descriptions and Job Advertisements

  • Personal Development

    ƒ Business Etiquette
    ƒ Business Writing Skills 
    ƒ Conflict Resolution For Employees
    ƒ Coping with Change in the Workplace 
    ƒ Creating eLearning Modules
    ƒ Cross-Cultural Communication (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Cultural Awareness (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Designing and Delivering Presentations
    ƒ Developing Resilience
    ƒHow to Communicate Effectively 
    ƒ Improving Your Listening Skills
    ƒ Influencing and Negotiating with Others
    ƒ Problem Solving
    ƒ Running Effective Face-to-Face Training
    ƒ Time and Priority Management 
    ƒ Understanding Body Language
    ƒ Understanding Different Behavioural Styles
    ƒ Writing Effective Emails 
    ƒ Writing Minutes Effectively

  • Sales

    ƒ Creating Business Blogs
    ƒ Handling Objections
    ƒ Introduction to Sales
    ƒ Networking Skills
    ƒ Sales Prospecting
    ƒ Telephone Sales

  • ICT

    ƒ Acceptable Internet Use 
    ƒ Cyber Security Awareness (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Electronic Communication and Social Media
    ƒ Information Security Management

  • Microsoft Office

    ƒ Microsoft Excel
    ƒ Microsoft Outlook
    ƒ Microsoft PowerPoint
    ƒ Microsoft Word

  • Customer Service

    ƒ Customer Service 
    ƒ Developing Client Relationships
    ƒ Handling Angry and Upset Customers 
    ƒ Managing Complaints
    ƒ Professional Telephone Etiquette

  • Sustainability / Environment

    ƒ Air Emissions Management
    ƒ Corporate Social Responsibility
    ƒ Environmental Awareness
    ƒ Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure
    ƒ Reporting (NZ)
    ƒ Resource Efficiency
    ƒ Sustainability Awareness
    ƒ Sustainable Energy Practices
    ƒ Waste Management (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Water Conservation

  • Health Care / Clinical

    ƒ Abuse and Neglect

    ƒ Chronic Disease Awareness

    ƒ Client Risk Management

    ƒ Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive Patients

    ƒ Death Procedures

    ƒ Decision Making and Consent

    ƒ Dementia

    ƒ Hand Hygiene

    ƒ Incontinence

    ƒ Infection Control for Health Care Workers

    ƒ Invasive Procedures

    ƒ Managing Food Allergies and Intolerances

    ƒ Manual Tasks for Healthcare Workers (AU, NZ)

    ƒ Medication Management (AU, NZ)

    ƒ Nutrition and Swallowing (AU, NZ)

    ƒ Positive Behaviour Support

    ƒ Preceptorship (AU)

    ƒ Safe Patient Handling

  • Ethics and Conduct

    ƒ Business Ethics
    ƒ Business Travel Arrangements
    ƒ Closing the Gap (Cth, WA)
    ƒ Code of Conduct 
    ƒ Competition and Consumer Act Awareness (AU)
    ƒ Conflict of Interest
    ƒ Copyright (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Corporate Governance (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Domestic Violence (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Effective Practices When Working from Home «
    ƒ Fraud and Corruption Awareness
    ƒ Global Anti-bribery and Corruption (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Information Disclosures for Corporate Whistleblowers (AU)
    ƒ Mandatory Reporting (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA)
    ƒ Modern Slavery Act
    ƒ Privacy Awareness (AU, NZ) 
    ƒ Records Management
    ƒ Spam Act Awareness (AU)
    ƒ The European Union General Data Protection Regulation
    ƒ Understanding and Working with the Board
    ƒ Understanding Workplace Rights (AU)
    ƒ Working from Home 

  • Ethics and Conduct

    Education and Universities
    ƒ Animal Research Ethics (AU)
    ƒ Disability Standards for Education (AU)
    ƒ ESOS Framework Awareness (AU)
    ƒ Human Research Ethics (AU)
    ƒ Intellectual Property (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Research Integrity (AU)
    ƒ Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Universities (AU)
    ƒ Student Code of Conduct


    Government Sector
    ƒ Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (WA)
    ƒ Delegation of Authority (QLD)
    ƒ Freedom of Information (ACT, NT, SA, VIC, WA)
    ƒ Human Rights Act (ACT)
    ƒ Information Privacy Awareness (ACT, NT, QLD)
    ƒ Personal Information Protection (TAS)
    ƒ Privacy and Data Protection Awareness (VIC)
    ƒ Privacy and Personal Information Protection (NSW)
    ƒ Procurement Guidelines for Australian Federal Government (AU)
    ƒ Procurement Guidelines for New Zealand Government (NZ)
    ƒ Procurement Guidelines for State Government

         (ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA)
    ƒ Public Access to Government Information (NSW)
    ƒ Public Interest Disclosures

         (Cth, ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA)
    ƒ Recordkeeping Awareness (WA)
    ƒ Right to Information (QLD, TAS)
    ƒ Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (VIC)

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

    ƒ Disability Awareness (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Discrimination and EEO (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Discrimination and EEO for Managers (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Diversity in the Workplace (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Managing Unconscious Bias
    ƒ Mental Health Awareness (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Mental Health Disclosure (AU, NZ)
    ƒ Sexual Harassment Prevention
    ƒ Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers
    ƒ Supporting Colleagues with Anxiety
    ƒ Supporting Colleagues with Depression
    ƒ Workplace Bullying and Occupational Violence
    ƒ Workplace Bullying and Occupational Violence for Managers

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