Your mission: Our mission

By supporting NFP organisations to develop robust governance frameworks, mitigate risk and design, implement and monitor strategy, VUCAP makes your mission, its mission.

#17 Partnerships for the goals


VUCAP supports organisations by adopting the objectives set by AS8000-2003 and integrating strategies that best suit your organisation.


(a) assist members of boards, chief executive officers and senior managers to develop, implement and maintain a robust system of governance that fits the particular circumstances of the entity;


(b) provide the mechanisms for an entity to establish and maintain an ethical culture through a committed, self-regulatory approach; and


(c) provide shareholders, or stakeholders, as the case may be, with benchmarks against which to gauge the entity’s performance.


VUCAP supports your development and implementation of the following key components of the risk management framework;


(a) establish the risk context;


(b) identify risk;


(c) evaluate risk;


(d) treat risk;


(e) communicate and consult; and


(f) monitor and review.


VUCAP supports the development, management, implementation and review of strategy by working with NFPs each step of the way to enhance;


(a) vision, mission and values alignement;


(b) capabilities development;


(c) external environment analysis;


(d) organisational performance;


(e) develop strategic options;


(f) conduct gap analysis;


(g) support decision making;


(h) project manage implementation; and 


(i) monitor and review performance.

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