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The WA | we are Project captures powerful real life stories of everyday Australians who have come from both culturally and/ or linguistically diverse communities and proudly call Australia home. 


The aim is to share the achievements that come from our rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and how much this makes us who we are today.  




WA | we are tells our story with powerful portraits, that capture the depth of human emotion, allowing us to connect deeper with people we may never have met, and in doing so, understand ourselves just a little bit better. 

What is the WA | we are project?
The inspiration

Inspiration for the WA | we are Project came from an ambitious and graceful Facebook project created by a young WA psychologist who used storytelling and portrait images to foster deeper empathy and connection with refugees and migrants. 


This, compounded with a desire to celebrate multiculturalism and Perth as a Global City, built on more than economic accomplishment but also socio-cultural achievements, has driven the ambition to launch the WA | we are Project.



What is the WA | we are project?
Why does it matter?

The Project takes the view that we are neither nature or nurture. Instead, we are the very individualised interaction between our nature and our nurture. 


Put another way, we are what happens when our very individual biological makeup comes in to contact with the environment around us. This environment may be the physical environment but also the social environment. It is the stories we tell ourselves and are told, the artifacts that we reject or hold dearly, as well as many other forces that we respond to when creating our own sense of self and sense of others. 


The WA | we are Project aims to bring us all closer with some of the diverse forces that make us who we are. By engaging us deeply with the stories and moments lived by others in our own city, the Project encourages us all to look deeper and more compassionately at our own journey.  How that journey is fostered by others and how we shape the experiences of people we may never have met is a powerfully empathetic process towards a truly loving future. 


It is a fundamental component in the pursuit of peace.  


Why the UN SDGs?
How will the images and stories be shared? 

The Project will showcase all portraits and narratives on an online gallery. This will allow the work to remain accessible for everyone with an internet connection. 


Further more the images and stories will be sharable. This is to encourage people to share stories and portraits that are meaningful to them with people they feel relevant. 


The forum will be open to the community to share comments and engage in discussion, all on a single online platform. 





In addition, the WA | we are Project will use "spikes" into the community to reach its audience.  


The three methods that the Project will use are the following:



Chosen for its ability to showcase high-quality imagery and 'tag' people and organisations, therefore expanding the Project's reach.



Chosen for its ability to engage people with images and long text as well as link back to the central platform showcasing all stories.


Facebook offers a deeper level of engagement than Instagram. 



Chosen for its ability to penetrate the community whilst cognitively in a professional mind space. The aim here is to add an additional layer of complexity and therefore humanness to the way the images are perceived.  




For the project to go offline, we will need partners.


We will need organisations that are will to give us space in their venues to showcase these images and stories. 


We will need people and organisations that are will to fund or offer in-kind support for the printing of portraits and stories and to assist in their distribution.   


As we develop the Project online Partners will form to carry the images further into our vibrant WA community. 


We know this, because this is what community does.